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Aside from his full time career as a Director/Choreographer of Musical Theatre, and his current position as a National Adjudicator for the Association of Irish Musical Societies, Peter also frequently facilitates Theatre Workshops, Audition Coaching and Team Building Projects. Peter offers services as a Commissioned Writer of Pantomime Scripts, One Act Comedies, Personalised Wedding Reflections, Poetry for Special Occasions, Speeches and Eulogies. Contact us here for more information on what Peter can offer you and your group.

Peter is the Author/Composer of the full length Musical Shows listed under Creative Achievements. His work has been recognised for its quality and originality, regionally and nationally, and has been performed to high acclaim in theatres the length and breadth of Ireland. Peter has had Short Stories published in England and America, and his One Act comedies are achieving popularity on the Irish Drama circuit. For more information on Peter’s Performing and Directing Credits, click here.

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Creative Achievements

Author & Composer of Award Winning Stage Musicals:
  • Willpower – 1984
  • Ham – 1986
  • God Bless Archie Dean – 1987
  • Clown – 1990
  • The Joy of Living – 1991
  • The Widow or Bust – 1993
  • Falling Apart – 1995
  • The Orphan and the Tramp – 1998
  • How The West Wasn’t Won – 2002
  • Come The Dawn – 2004
  • Who Killed The Celtic Tiger – 2009


Peter’s work has been recognised throughout Ireland from the Association of Irish Musical Societies, the Northern Ireland Festival of Light Opera, the Derry Festival of Light Opera and the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera:

  • AIMS Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre in Ireland
  • WIFLO Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre in Ireland
  • NIFLO Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre in Ireland
  • Three Awards as Best Director from eight Nominations
  • Twelve Best Choreographer Awards from 16 Nominations
  • Four Best Overall Show Awards from 11 Nominations
  • Two Best Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta Awards from five Nominations
  • Five Best Actor Awards from eight Nominations
  • Four Best Comedian Awards from six Nominations
  • Best Supporting Actor Award
  • Peacock Professional Theatre Award – Best Music for Theatre Award for “Ham”

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