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Peter Kennedy has worked as a Director and Choreographer, a Teacher of Drama and a Performer for nearly 40 years. He is widely known in Musical Theatre circles throughout Ireland. An experienced and award winning theatre director, Peter’s specialisations’ include new writing, adaptations of classics, audition preparation, drama tuition, and large scale physical pieces, with a wide range of directing and management skills. He is committed to bringing to life the magic of theatre through innovative productions that engage and communicate directly with the audience, and to bringing both an intellectual rigour and visual flair to productions.

Through the Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS), the Northern Ireland Festival of Light Opera and the Waterford Festival, his work has been consistently acknowledged with awards for Direction, Choreography and Performance, including three special awards for his outstanding contribution to Musical Theatre in Ireland.

Peter works for the Association of Irish Musical Societies’ as Adjudicator, assessing and providing professional feedback to Theatre Companies associated with AIMS and taking part in a national competition for Musical Theatre Awards.

Peter is the Resident Script Writer (and Pantomime Dame) for Renmore Pantomime Society, Galway, and has had many commissions to write Pantomimes for other theatre companies. For more information on Peter’s Performing and Directing Credits, click here.

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