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It is possible to buy copies of Peter’s recently published picture books for children now! The Spooky Snookeroo is an introduction to a bright and colourful new character, who, despite his rather scary appearance, is actually a gentle and misunderstood creature. The Spooky Snookeroo is on the Prowl is the next in a series of Snookeroo tales, where you can follow his adventures and watch him transform from a rather sad and lonely character into a popular and happy-go-lucky adventurer. Check back here for more information coming soon on Peter’s Halloween and Christmas special publications. Please contact Peter for information about his picture books and other book writing projects.

The Spooky Snookeroo

Meet the Spooky Snookeroo, he’s so misunderstood. For while he may look mean and mad, inside, he’s rather good. The Spooky Snookeroo is aimed at an audience of 3-8 year old.

The Spooky Snookeroo is on the Prowl

A crafty rat uses the Spooky Snookeroo’s fearsome reputation to play a trick on the other animals. The Spooky Snookeroo is on the prowl are aimed at an audience of 3-8 year old.

The Whizydractil Worm

The Whizydractil Worm is quite definitely aimed at the older children (5 – 11) with its gory and gruesome warnings about lack of hygiene, bad habits and stuffing yourself with chocolate.

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