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Peter is very excited to be visiting Bookworm Bookshop & Café in Thurles on Saturday October 28th. With it being Halloween weekend, Peter will be signing and reading from his two new books, The Spooky Snookeroo & The Spooky Snookeroo is on the Prowl. The ‘Spooky Snookeroo’ is a frightening looking creature but underneath it all he just wants to be loved! This will be a fun & interactive event for your little ones!

There’s even a little song about the Snookeroo that you’ll learn on your visit!!

“Don’t be afraid of the Spooky Snookeroo!
People think he’s scary but it really isn’t true,
Coz underneath the surface he’s as nice as me and you…
So don’t be afraid of the Spooky Snookeroo!”