Peter Kennedy

About Peter

Peter Kennedy has worked as a Director and Choreographer, a Teacher of Drama and a Performer for nearly 40 years. He is widely known in Musical Theatre circles throughout Ireland. An experienced and award winning theatre director, Peter’s specialisations’ include new writing, adaptations of classics, audition preparation, drama tuition, and large scale physical pieces, with a wide range of directing and management skills. He is committed to bringing to life the magic of theatre through innovative productions that engage and communicate directly with the audience, and to bringing both an intellectual rigour and visual flair to productions.


After years of entertaining audiences with musical shows, pantomime scripts and comedy sketches, Peter has embarked on a project of publication. The first strand of his publications are his children’s picture books, a string of which are planned to follow up the “Spooky Snookeroo” series. Peter is currently working on an adventure novel for young adults, and a collection of short stories. There are also plans afoot to adapt some of his successful stage shows in to novels.

Peter’s first set of picture books for children are available to buy now.

Writing & Theatre

Peter is the Author/Composer of the full length Musical Shows listed under Creative Achievements. His work has been recognised for its quality and originality, regionally and nationally, and has been performed to high acclaim in theatres the length and breadth of Ireland. Peter has had Short Stories published in England and America, and his One Act comedies are achieving popularity on the Irish Drama circuit.

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